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Territory planning is created by a complex structure of rules and tools which evolves promptly.

In this field, the Belgian Federal State, the Regions, the Provinces and the Communes exercise their powers, each in his sphere.

The scope of application of this regulation cover a wide range of areas including the heritage protection of monuments and sites, the rehabilitation of economic areas, the urban revitalization, the rural development (including NATURA 2000), the housing policy as well as the tourism expansion.

Thanks to well positioned advice, territory planning could actually become beneficial rather than restrictive.

New regulation often creates opportunities for the private sector as for example in the context of urban or industrial blights.

UrbanLaw’s attorneys provide you with a niche and specialized expertise in this field. They advise individuals and promoters who are willing to gain the maximum potential from the applicable regulation as well as to local authorities concerned by the optimization of the regulatory instruments governing their territory.

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